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What Clifford Does

Universal Kirtan

Musical Meditation focused on Humanity 2.0 using call & response singing and chanting with sacred phrases from many of the worlds rich traditions ... and more

Sacred EDM

Electronic Dance Music with a sacred intent to help us all move forward and vibrate at a much higher frequency than was thought possible before this unique time

Music Lessons

Lessons in Music Theory, Guitar, Electric Bass, Recording and Production of Electronic Music, and the concept of Approaching Your Instrument as a Spiritual Practice

Reflections from Kirtan participants ...

... in their own words

I saw Clifford perform at a Universal Kirtan event, solo, armed with just a guitar and his voice, and it brought me places that I would never have imagined possible! This is surely not just music. An absolutely beautiful evening.

Mia -

I came to this kirtan not knowing what to expect, and thought I would likely leave after a few songs. Yeah, right! I stayed until the very end and immediately got on Clifford's mailing list so I would know when he is in town again.

Micah -

The music and chanting was at once completely relaxing and entirely uplifting. I was floating!

Patricia -

I've been to many kirtan events, and I can honestly say that this guy Clifford James brings something unique, intensely personal, and "forward-looking" to the genre. Kudos!

Mark -

I have been doing yoga and meditation for years, but the Universal Kirtan that Clifford James introduced me to and graced us with is definitely the missing link between the two! Deep and powerful. Light and airy. Kind of a life changer!

Sara -

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